About Us

Welcome to Martinique Jewelers – a legacy of beauty, craftsmanship, and family heritage that began in 1963. Our journey began in the heart of Time Square when Jack Tobias, a visionary with a passion for exquisite jewelry, laid the foundation of our storied establishment.

For decades, we have adorned the lives of countless individuals with pieces that tell stories of love, celebration, and milestones. Jack Tobias' dedication to quality, authenticity, and personalized service became the cornerstones of our business.

As time passed, the torch of tradition was seamlessly passed down to his son, Alan Tobias. Alan's commitment to preserving the essence of his father's legacy while infusing modern creativity has been the driving force behind our continued success. With an eye for timeless elegance and an understanding of evolving trends, Alan has led Martinique Jewelers to new heights.

Today, the journey continues as Alan works alongside his sons, Jack and Ike Tobias. With a seamless blend of experience and innovation, they bring a fresh perspective to the world of jewelry. Their combined expertise ensures that Martinique Jewelers remains at the forefront of design, offering you the most exquisite pieces crafted with unmatched skill and passion.

At Martinique Jewelers, we do not simply sell jewelry – we curate cherished moments, enhance beauty, and create memories that last generations. Each piece that leaves our store carries not only the mark of exceptional craftsmanship but also the legacy of a family deeply committed to sharing the art of adornment.

As we invite you to explore our curated collection, we extend our gratitude for being a part of our story. Join us in celebrating the journey of Martinique Jewelers, where tradition, innovation, and family converge to create extraordinary moments for you and your loved ones.